8 tips to support a grieving friend this holiday

  1. Send a thoughtful holiday card – send a  hand written card acknowledging how tough the holidays must be and share a memory. 

  2. Support their holiday choice – everyone copes differently during grief and with the holidays your friend may find it more difficult to cope. Respect and support there choices. 

  3. Invite them to holiday events – extending holiday invitation but make them aware they they should not feel inclined to attend but the offer is there should they feel up too it. 

  4. Be prepared for plans to change – that invite they may have accepted several weeks ago may be declined at the last minute. Try to be flexible and understand.

  5. Listen – sometimes people just need to be heard and need someone to be present. Avoid Cliches. 

  6. Offer practical help and support – Don’t pretend everything is OK, offer assurance that you are there for them.

  7. Consider a memorial gift or donation in there loved ones name

  8. REMEMBER, grief doesn’t only impact the first holiday season – all holidays will be difficult. Each year it will get easier but the sense of loss will always be with them. 

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