Top 10 Bucket List Ideas

Ever thought what you might regret not doing or experiencing before you die. Here is  a list of the Top 10 Bucket List experiences compiled by I have managed to do seven out of the ten, I hope I have many more adventures and experience to come.
  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Skydive
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Swim with Dolphins
  5. Go on a cruise
  6. Get married
  7. Run a marathon
  8. Go Zip-lining
  9. Go Scuba Diving
  10. Ride and Elephant
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Ways to remember a loved one during the holidays

  1. Seat a placed for your loved one at the Christmas dinner table.

  2. Buy a special candle and dedicate it to the memory of your loved one and keep it lit throughout the Christmas season.

  3. Have a personalized bauble made to represent your loved one each year.

  4. Memory tablecloth – Lay a plain tablecloth and fabric markers or sharpies on the table  then ask holiday guests to write down their favorite holidays memories, especially those that involve family members who are no longer present.

  5. Go to the special place that meant something special to you and our loved one. Make it a tradition by going there each year, same day and time.

  6. Create a special musical playlist that reminds everyone of your loved one

  7. Moment of silence before dinner to remember your loved one

  8. Stocking Memories, place paper and pens out for family and friends o write down and place memories of your loved one in the stocking.

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8 tips to support a grieving friend this holiday

  1. Send a thoughtful holiday card – send a  hand written card acknowledging how tough the holidays must be and share a memory. 

  2. Support their holiday choice – everyone copes differently during grief and with the holidays your friend may find it more difficult to cope. Respect and support there choices. 

  3. Invite them to holiday events – extending holiday invitation but make them aware they they should not feel inclined to attend but the offer is there should they feel up too it. 

  4. Be prepared for plans to change – that invite they may have accepted several weeks ago may be declined at the last minute. Try to be flexible and understand.

  5. Listen – sometimes people just need to be heard and need someone to be present. Avoid Cliches. 

  6. Offer practical help and support – Don’t pretend everything is OK, offer assurance that you are there for them.

  7. Consider a memorial gift or donation in there loved ones name

  8. REMEMBER, grief doesn’t only impact the first holiday season – all holidays will be difficult. Each year it will get easier but the sense of loss will always be with them. 

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