Be aware of FREE body donation programs

  Whole Body Donation is an option that suits some families. Donating a body to a university can benefit society by helping advance medical research and education. However, be very cautious in deciding where to donate the body; find out where the body goes and with whom you are actually dealing. The university of Central Florida offers a willed body program.

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Others, who claim to be “Whole Body Donation Programs,” are actually businesses that dismember, or dissect, the body and sell body parts to purchasers throughout the country. They call this process “Tissue Procurement.” The sold body parts are not returned. The unused body parts (usually only 15-25% of the body) are cremated (generally) by a third party) and returned to the family. Some of these businesses even go so far as to advertise “Free Cremation” in order to get families to donate the body to their business. Again, educate yourself and do not agree to anything that does not meet your family’s needs or desires. Please note that not all human bodies are eligible for whole body donation. Eligibility is always addresses on a case-by-case basis and your family should have an alternative plan, should the donation not be accepted. Please take a few moments to read the article below and educate yourself on body brokers.  

FBI agents raid headquarters of major U.S. body broker

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Were Growing!!! Our Bradenton location is officially OPEN!

Were growing!We are proud to announce that we have officially opened our second location. Sound Choice Cremation & Burials now has a second funeral home in Bradenton. Our new address is:

Sound Choice Cremation & Burials Bradenton

PHONE: 941.213.9234

State Road 64 East, Suite 300,

Bradenton, FL, 34208

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