Harold A. Caplan
March 15, 1937 - August 7, 2016

Harold A. Caplan

Harold A. Caplan
Mar 15, 1937 - Aug 7, 2016

Harold A. Caplan
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Harold A. Caplan, 79, of Sarasota, FL, passed away on August 7, 2016.

Angela Zappavigna on Feb 5, 2017

Dr. Caplan was the first principal I worked for when I started my career in education 23 years ago. He was funny. He was a prankster. He made going to work a joy, and his presence in the hallways EVERYDAY made the building a great place to be. His leadership and character is what I compare everyone I've worked for since then. No one compares.
Cap was one of a kind.
I never saw him again after he retired, but he has clearly left a mark in my life. I'm still an educator, and I still look for those Cap qualities in the people I work for. Still looking.
My condolences to the family and know that he was a beloved man as a leader and as a person.

Rusty Horneman on Aug 25, 2016

Rusty Horneman
Like Pete M., I met Cappy at batting practice on the 17th St. fields in 2009. He was always a delight to be around, joking & running down fly balls like no one else anywhere near his age. A "secret intellect", I tried to draw him out, baiting him with a quote here & there, because I knew he was Ph.D. I will miss his quick wit & awesome fitness example.

Mel Klein on Aug 24, 2016

While I knew Cappy as a fellow senior softball player, I really came to admire him at our HealthFit gym as I was rehabbing from heart surgery. During my initial struggles to get back in shape, Cap offered constant encouragement and positive attitude. He assured me I would one day be back on the field, and when I finally made it after many months, he was one of the first to greet me with a smile and assurances that my lungs, my legs and my swing would recover in time. Cap's spirit will remain a continuing source of fond memories and never-quit attitude for me and everyone who ever took the field with him. Mel K.

George Hawley on Aug 22, 2016

I have enjoyed playing softball with and against Cappy for the past 12 years. He was always a fierce competitor on the field giving no quarter, hustling in the field and on the bases, hitting line drive after line drive to all fields. His actions belied his intelligence and his credentials. He was a man of education in many ways. He earned a PhD in his field and made a career as an educator and administrator. He battled cancer mightily to the end. He never had an ounce of fat on him. He was solid muscle, working out continuously swimming and weightlifting. He was a remarkable man and will be remembered by all who know him. Here's a photo of him with his Champions Captain's Curt Team in the upper left corner.

Gordon Gill on Aug 19, 2016

Just found out about Cappoyt
So sorry and what a long battle.
I have always liked respected and admired Cappy and the best word I can think of to describe him is WARRIOR.
Gordon Gill

Jack Ivins on Aug 15, 2016

I enjoyed every moment I got to be around Cappy. It didn't matter to him if it was batting practice or a game, he constantly strived to be his best.

paul herrmann on Aug 11, 2016

we have lost a true friend he fought til the end.May he rest in peace.

Khris Covey on Aug 11, 2016

Sandy, I was so sad to hear the passing of Cap. My love thoughts and prayers to you in this difficult time. Take care of yourself.i will be in touch❤❤

Lou & Jenny Maiure on Aug 10, 2016

Sandy, Jenny and I were so sorry to hear about Cap's passing. As always, when hearing something like this it feels like a gut punch that stays with you for a long while. We so much appreciated his sense of humor and the good times we shared over so many breakfasts!
I, and so many of his softball cohorts will miss his good natured chop busting, his love of the game and his fierce competitiveness. But most of all we'll miss the great friendship we were able to develop over the last few years. He is one person that will be truly missed.
God bless you both

Brad Witchley on Aug 10, 2016

I just want to say to the Family sorry for your loss I played Softball in Sarasota league he loved the game and all the guys that played with him or against him he was one hell of a ball player & fast for a guy his age ! I stopped one day at Nellie's Café & guess who was in there was Cappy he said he stopped in after going to the Gym he said he loved Nellie's & we had a nice visit. I will miss seeing Cappy roaming the outfield !!

Gary Moore on Aug 10, 2016

Sandy, as you may remember, Cappy introduced me to the softball league. It was always a pleasure to chat and play with him. As current president of the league, I want to assure you that he was always a true gentleman and will be missed by all of us.

Gary Olson on Aug 10, 2016

I had the pleasure of playing on Cappy and Gags Captain Curt's team many years ago when we took a league title. Cap was always fun to kid around with at batting practice as we challenged each other for flyballs hit between us. We will thing of him often.
Gary Olson

Joe Barbieri on Aug 10, 2016

CandleMy condolences to Sandy and the Caplan family. It was my honor and pleasure to play many a game next to Cappy during the last 13 years. He was a fierce competitor who defined persistence in all he did. Under his strong competitive facade was a kind soul who loved the game and his fellow players. I will miss and remember him every time I play the game. Cappy has been called up to the really big league of eternal Spirit.

Pete Mancinelli on Aug 10, 2016

My sympathy goes out to Sandy and the Caplan family. Cappy was one of the first guys I met at Sarasota Senior Softball back in 2009. I knew I would love the guy because he started busting me right from the first moment we met and kept it up for these 7 years. He was someone you knew would tell you the truth, even if it hurt at times. He always had a great sense of humor. He truly loved his family and friends. He will surely be missed. May you rest in the arms of the Lord.
- Pete M.

Bill Welch on Aug 10, 2016

My Deepest sympathy to Sandy and the entire Caplan Family.
Cappy and I played Senior Softball together for many years.
Cappy had so many physical problems in these past few years, but he never quit- he never gave up.
Bill Welch

sandy on Aug 9, 2016


Linda Harrington on Aug 8, 2016

CandleI could use the full dictionary of words and never convey what a great person and
friend Cap was. Will miss him daily. L.Harrington

Kay Waites on Aug 8, 2016

CandleDeepest condolences to the Caplan family and friends from Kay Waites and staff at Sound Choice Cremation and Burials.



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Harold A. Caplan

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