Paul Morton
November 4, 2016

Paul Morton

Paul Morton
Nov 4, 2016

Paul Morton
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Paul Morton, originally of New Bern, NC, most recently of Sarasota, FL, passed away on November 4, 2016.

Paul was a loving husband and father; his family meant everything to him. He was especially proud of his son Seth, for the young man he is becoming. Paul overcame a lot of challenges in his life and was an inspiration to many people over the years. He had a wonderful sense of humor, enjoyed a love for music, was an avid animal lover, reader and a great storyteller. Paul was an adventurous soul, a pilot at 14, with a love of flying. He had an energy about him, those who knew him loved him. Paul was also a homebody. He enjoyed "piddling" around in his garage, sitting by the fireplace with a beer watching football on his "big tv", and sitting out on his lanai enjoying the view he loved so much.

Paul is survived by his devoted wife of 21 years, Sherri; loving son, Seth; mother, Zelma; fur babies, Buly, Pepper and Emily; sister-in-law, Michelle and other close family and friends.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in Paul's name to the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation, 636 Morris Turnpike, Suite 3A, Short Hills, NJ 07078.

Craig Smith on Jun 11, 2018

Craig Smith on Jun 11, 2018


I know it’s belated, but I want you to know I’ve been thinking about you.

Happy Birthday my friend!!!


Amie Heckman on Nov 11, 2016

Paul is one of those few people that you meet that is memorable.

He started making memories for Sherri and I before they even met. We were roomates and someone came over and "read our cards." The prediction was that Sherri would travel on business and meet the love of her life. We laughed at that reading but not for long becasue out of nowhere Sherri goes away (Chicago as I remember) on busines for the first time ever and also meets Paul in the hotel lobby,

Paul is a person that I wish I could have gotten to know better and yet I was always so comfortable beig around. He made you feel like you knew him forever. He had that way that makes you feel good. Paul and Sherri bought special wine glasses to christen my condo right after settlement and right before he swept her away to a new adventures. On the elevator ride to the lobby when we comitted to not crying, Paul just grinned that knowing grin of his and said when your done crying I'll be just outside.

He married her. I do not know who was luckier. Him or her. And we hung out in the hotel room and had so much fun. We got cheesesteaks the next day (was it Ishkibibles on South Street) .

I went to North Carolina..New Bern. And Paul took us sailing. And Sherri beamed. And Paul smiles and they stole glances at each other that you knew eas their love and shared private jokes. I can transport myself there now in my mind. To the swing on the front porch. Nascar was on the tv. A hurrican was brewing. And Paul was saying that my flight could be delayed and if so he will show me what a hurricane party is all about.

A great host, Atlanta. With my husband before and after we were married. Camper in the driveway. Laughing with Paul that he will gladly drive an hour to go to the best coffee house but could not understand why we should drive an hour to the perfect place to get a pumpkin, Visiting for a few days and staying double. Paul shaking his head when Snowball bit my face off.

Paul coming up to visit when he got that green car to putter with. My husband and Paul sitting in the garage and talking for hours..and hours.And visiting again with Seth, That big bag of hot wheels my husband gave Seth and dumped on the floor that had Seth entertained the whole time.

Paul had great sayings. Its hotter than 40 hells was the first of them that I ever hear. He was a good listener. Charismatic. Smart. Funny. Nice.

I like all of my memories of Paul. But this is what I love about Paul. His love for the person in the world that means to the most to me (my husband excluded) and made her happy, completed, fulfilled, cared for and respected.

Thank you Paul for the memories and for making Sherri a wonderful life.


Amie Heckman on Nov 11, 2016



Amie Heckman on Nov 11, 2016


Sharon Woods on Nov 9, 2016

CandleMy deepest condolences to Sherri and Seth! Please know that you and your family are in our prayers!

Lisa Drebotick-Deacon on Nov 8, 2016

CandlePaul was a good friend he will be missed and I will think of him often as I will Sherri and Seth. God got a good one!

Kala on Nov 8, 2016

CandleMy deepest condolence to Sherri and Seth! You both are super strong and have such a strong bond. Paul will be missed. It was a privilege to have known him.

Josh Strauss on Nov 8, 2016

Scott lukoski on Nov 8, 2016

Melanie Winchester on Nov 8, 2016

Paul was always smiling, always happy, and always willing to chat it up with me. He was a wonderful example of a loving spirit❀️

Kathleen Cebuly Pilny on Nov 7, 2016

I first met Paul when my brother John passed away unexpectedly, and Paul being one of his closest friends, came to Cleveland to pay his respects and met our family. He was a great source of comfort to me then and also when he drove to Atlanta twice to help me sort through John's things and offer moral support. We stayed in touch, our families got together on a couple occasions, I gave him a puppy that he named after my bro and Paul pretty much became my bro. We had so many good conversations and everyone that I know that met him could not get over what a great guy they were meeting. He adored his wife and son. My husband, daughter and I offer our most heartfelt condolences to Sherri and Seth, and God's blessings and peace to all of you, including dear Paul. Love, Kathy Cebuly Pilny

Kay Waites on Nov 4, 2016

CandleDeepest condolences to the Morton family and friends from Kay Waites and staff at Sound Choice Cremation & Burials.



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