Ways to remember a loved one during the holidays

  1. Seat a placed for your loved one at the Christmas dinner table.

  2. Buy a special candle and dedicate it to the memory of your loved one and keep it lit throughout the Christmas season.

  3. Have a personalized bauble made to represent your loved one each year.

  4. Memory tablecloth – Lay a plain tablecloth and fabric markers or sharpies on the table  then ask holiday guests to write down their favorite holidays memories, especially those that involve family members who are no longer present.

  5. Go to the special place that meant something special to you and our loved one. Make it a tradition by going there each year, same day and time.

  6. Create a special musical playlist that reminds everyone of your loved one

  7. Moment of silence before dinner to remember your loved one

  8. Stocking Memories, place paper and pens out for family and friends o write down and place memories of your loved one in the stocking.


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